Saturday, March 26, 2011



These edible photo cookies are perfect for Doorgift, Giveaway for birthday party or any function. The limit is only your imagination. Would it nice to give someone a present with picture of you or your family on a cookie.

You can add detail to your photo as you wish but customer are adviced to give me the edited picture. Editing cost additional RM8 per picture/page.

Cookies Shape – Square / Round / Heart Shape
Size – 3x3 INCH

• Custom Size & Shape can be made upon request. Please email me

RM 1.50/pcs min order 24 pcs (wafer paper)
RM 2.00/pcs min order 24 pcs (frosting sheet)-Printed image sharper.

*Special Price for bulk order more than 300pcs, please make your order 1 mth ahead otherwise Rush fees will be imposed.

Packaging – In plastic wrap with ribbon, other type of packaging can be arranged upon request.

Postage can be arranged. Cost of postage will be liable to customer. Postage cost include price of box and bubble wrap to protect the cookies.

To order please call/sms Nurul 013 530 5254 or email me at

This cookie decorated with edible photo printed on frosting sheet. See how sharp is the image printed because frosting sheet are thicker and denser. So the result image are a lot sharper and clearer.

This are the example of the difference between image printed on wafer paper and on frosting sheet. The left image printed on frosting sheet and the right image(baby pic) printed on wafer paper. See how sharp the image printed on frosting sheet.

So now I hope you understand why is the price difference for cookies with Edible Image on frosting sheet are more compared to the one printed on wafer paper.

The choice is yours and I hope you enjoy them.

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