Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Dear Customer,
It been 2 years ++ since I started Cantik Cupcake business but yet this is the 1st time I am posting besides my cakes.Well .... we are expecting our new bun in the oven as you can see .... I wish to announce that :
I am on maternity leave from   20 April until 31 August 2013. Therefore I am unable to take any order during the date stated.
Thank you for your understanding & Support.Hug n kisses.... :)


Salwa said...

tahniah..semoga baby dan puan sihat..
jemput follow my blog http://sascima78.blogspot.com..TQ

Rose Azadir said...

Salam, sy follow blog sis n sis follow blog sy yer...jemput masuk ke blog saya http://ibu2ahmad.blogspot.com untuk mendapatkan special price untuk produk Shaklee. TQ for your support.